The Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia (MSES) and the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) have established and signed a new Programme for the joint funding of Croatian-Japanese research cooperation in natural sciences. One of the goals of the Programme is to foster and support research projects in the field of Advanced Materials Science. On this occasion both parties have agreed that the commenced initiative should be followed by a call for project proposals soon after the relevant information on the Croatian and Japanese capacities in the appointed field of research is made available to and disseminated among the potential partners in both countries.

As a first step towards the screening of Croatian and Japanese research potentials, the selection of research subjects, and recognition of possible partners and research teams, the two parties have decided to organize a two-day workshop in Zagreb during which prominent Croatian and Japanese scientist may present major interests and research directions that could be pursued in future collaborative projects in Materials Science. The Croatian Ministry has nominated us, as persons with already established links in the Japanese science community, to organize this meeting. The corresponding task on the Japanese side was undertaken by Professor Kazumasa Miyake of Osaka University and Dr. Yoshiaki Mokuno of NIAIST, Osaka.

Through the contacts with Croatian research institutions and in coordination with the officers of MSES and JST, we have selected the representative research subjects and invited the speakers to present them at the workshop. This Programme and Booklet of Abstracts has been compiled from the material supplied to us directly from the Croatian scientists and from the material conveyed from the JST which selected the Japanese contributors and speakers. We thank them all for their cooperation.

We welcome all the participants and guests of the Workshop and hope that they will find the meeting interesting and informative enough to serve as a stimulus for establishing successful cooperation between the Croatian and Japanese research communities.

Coordinators of the Workshop

Dr. Branko Gumhalter 
Institute of Physics, Zagreb                                                       
Dr. Tonči Tadić
Ruđer Bošković Institute, Zagreb